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3 Grand Circle caravans next season (Colonial interior, Yucatan, Chiapas, West Coast: 62-85 days) Filling fast. Also a 30 day Copper Canyon-Mazatlan trip in Jan/Feb. Our longer caravans are restricted to only 10 rigs to make them more enjoyable and allow for some improvising and ad-hoc extra tours to things like remote ruins, etc. We do not herd large groups like some companies, too stressful. We also run 2 trips in French. Our trips are about 30% cheaper than the competition, since we are based in Mexico.

Our Yucatan Tours

Image 1Join us for a fully escorted RV Caravan tour from Laredo, Texas to the interior Colonial Cities, the Yucatan and west coast beaches. We exit via Nogales, Az. or Laredo. Our Spring tours also include the Monarch Butterfly Reserve. We usually try to include one of Mexico’s wonderful carnival celebrations. Our trips leave Laredo, Texas, and last 2 to 3 months depending on the tour. Tours & RV Park fees are included.

Our RV Caravan tours are led by wagon masters experienced in the route. Our RV Caravan tours are "tail-gunned" by the Green Angels (like AAA) on some segments. Our Yucatan Caravans are designed for those who have more time on their hands and do not want a quick "up & down" trip. After all, if it is costing that much to get down there, you want some time to spend at the final destination, not just turn around & head home. We operate all our own day tours we do not contract them out, further reducing costs. For those with limited time we also run 30 day tours to Copper Canyon & Mazatlan. See

Our Yucatan Grand Circle Tours range in length from 60 days in Fall to 85 days in Spring. We are generally about 30% cheaper than our competition, as we do not have to contract out. In fact we are the contractor for some other companies.

Our partner Vagabundos del Mar, offer tours in Baja California. Other options there are Baja Amigos or Baja Winters..

Our RV Caravans are between 9 to 15 rigs in size, 11-12 is the norm. We also run a couple of trips in French. See


Why choose us?

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We offer much more time to relax on our Yucatan Caravan tours than any other company. While this can exclude some working people from our customer base, we are the only company offering cost effective long term tours on this route for those who have the time. This is no quick trip up and down the coast, where you are on the road every second day. This is a grand circle tour covering both the east & west coasts. You will actually have time to enjoy the country, rather than just see it from a windshield. (Fall is much faster paced)

You see more of Mexico, and for a longer period, at a similar price our competitors charge for half the time.

We try to keep our prices around $110 US per day or $145 Can, most others cost over $200 per day. We have much more information on our main site. We are associated with Vagabundos del Mar, a California based RV & Boat Club. We base our prices on the Canadian dollar.

We are based in Mexico and we only offer RV Caravan & Bus tours in Mexico. We try to provide an exceptional experience. We want your endorsement and repeat business. Since we know the country and are based in Mexico, we get the Mexican (not the Gringo) price on services, and we pass the savings on to our customers. We often offer additional tours in addition to those included, some at your expense, some for the price of lunch.

We want to give people the option to just relax if that is all they wish, when we have our longer stay locations.

All Season Tours

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We offer an oiption to travel down in Fall and then stay for a few months at the beach anywhere from Manzanillo north. You then pick up our spring caravan as it comes northbound. Since this is now the start of the slow season, we can take far more rigs north from this point, so the restrictions on numbers for Spring are not in effect, and you may choose this option as long as the Fall trip is not full.

Why RV in Mexico?

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Most retirees snowbird in Arizona and Florida. While this may be preferable to the cold snowy north, they are missing out on the wonderful cultural experience, warmer temperatures and modern RV parks that can be found below the border.

Of course everybody has heard of all the violence in Mexico, but in fact most violence down there is targeted. You do not hear of schools and movie theatres being shot up. We believe RVing in Mexico is safe, especially in a caravan. We are sure your first RV trip to Mexico will not be your last. Our tours are designed to introduce you to RVing in Mexico and we hope you will continue to do so afterwards, once you discover the potential for yourself.



We hire experienced Wagon Masters who know Mexico and the route, and have a working knowledge of Spanish or a translator with them. We run our own tours and our guides are experienced and fluent in your language. This is a great way to RV in Mexico, hassle & fear free, with us taking care of the details. We have been in business for over 20 years. We know what RVers want and we know Mexico.

Included in Caravans

All RV Park fees are included, many meals & full day tours. Your extra costs include vehicle permits, auto insurance & road tolls.


Our customers safety is our first consideration. We utilize toll highways as much as possible. Your chance of having an accident is far reduced. Our tours are escorted by the Green Angels, the Mexican equivalent of AAA. They are excellent mechanics and are in radio contact with the police and Mexico city. They do not charge for labor, only parts.

US/Canada coordinator: Paul 604-852-1342